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on November 29, the China Insurance Association (hereinafter the "Association") was held in Beijing the 2015 China Endowment reserve index cities report (hereinafter the report) Conference, CIRC Vice Chairman WONG Hung start index launch.

China Insurance Association said Zhu Jinyuan, President, China in recent years, more attention to workers ' pension problems, more aware of the State will increase investment in this issue, businesses to increase investment, people to participate actively.  However, my pension reserve distance and out of 100 points of space is very large and has great potential, the whole society needs to do more.  

with commercial endowment insurance pension the third pillar-drift near the tax policy, a comprehensive reform or curtain.

pension reserves to improve

it is understood that the index in conjunction with the research project is co-hosting, one Department Social Security Institute, the Chinese Academy of social sciences, the World Center for social security studies, jointly hosted by China financial information, ping an annuity insurance contractors. The report research for nearly a year, using real names online and offline sample survey, survey of 36 cities in China workers in urban enterprises amounted to more than 5,400 employees, adequacy, stability and recognition of three workers in large and medium cities in China Enterprise pension reserves for objective, comprehensive, comprehensive quantitative evaluation.

according to the report, 2015 China cities Endowment reserve index of 59.7 points, close to the evaluation criteria, shows that currently meet the basic urban pension reserve requirements, but there is still a large room for improvement. Level indicators in the most stable, the index value of 62.6, adequacy, and index value to 59.2, awareness the lowest index value of 56.6.  

survey results showed that, points enterprise type see, State-owned enterprise workers pension reserves total index highest, for 63.8, other type within funding Enterprise (main is private enterprise) minimum, for 56.1; points industry see, finance and mining mining highest, are for 62.1, accommodation and catering minimum, for 57.4; points enterprise scale see, 1000-9999 people of enterprise highest, for 65.9, 19 people and the following of enterprise minimum, for 46.8.

Although, in the past few years, China's basic old-age insurance system has complete coverage and continued growth in the number of insured, real coverage (insurance) goals draws near, however, more and more difficult goals.

surveys found that people not covered by mainly focused on young workers under 30 years of age, the proportion as high as 20.1%, while the number of uninsured that age all ages 70.9% of the uninsured population.  Therefore, the report recommends policy options should be inclined to these people, to improve insurance coverage for young people.

third pillar remains the short

Note is that corporate pension plans and commercial insurance (pensions and health care, etc) are important components of pension reserves, but survey respondents, number of employees in pension plans compared to just 33.5%, while purchasing individual business insurance accounted for the number of 41.3%.  

in addition, the enterprise does not provide critical illness insurance, business insurance, commercial supplementary medical insurance and long-term care insurance in any one of those polled as high as 38.3%, and that the individual did not purchase any insurance product is 42%.

in this regard, the society social security Institute Director Jin Weigang pointed out at the meeting, have already established the enterprise annuity system in our country, but development has been slow, and by the end of 2014, 1500duowange enterprise and establishment of enterprise's annuity business in the country only to 73,300, covering only employees 22.93 million people, lack of basic old-age insurance covered 6.8% of the building fund 768.9 billion yuan.


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