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Increase the financial poverty alleviation efforts win the poverty battle

recently, the people's Bank in conjunction with the national development and Reform Commission, Ministry of finance, China Banking Regulatory Commission, the securities, the China insurance regulatory Commission and the poverty alleviation Office jointly convened a national financial boost poverty alleviation crucial teleconference. Studying the party's 18 session of the Conference plenary and the Central poverty alleviation Conference to Exchange poverty relief and development work and experience in financial services, arrangements for poverty alleviation crucial financial services.   

this important meeting to further increase the intensity of financial poverty, strengthening and improving financial services, enhance the accuracy and validity of financial poverty, providing strong financial support for storming out of poverty, is of great significance.

poverty is related to build an all-round well-off society, is related to the well-being of the people, a matter of consolidating the party's ruling Foundation and a matter of national security, is related to China's international image. Since reform and opening up, the party and the State to implement large-scale poverty alleviation and development, 700 million rural poor out of poverty, has made remarkable achievement has written a glorious chapter in the history of human anti-poverty.   Since the party's 18, poverty relief and development work into four "full" strategy, as a key goal of achieving the first hundred years, placed in a more prominent location, cause of poverty alleviation and development continue to make new progress.

at present, China's poverty alleviation work remains very difficult, has entered a period of biting hard bone, hard pull Zhai Sprint. By the end of 2014, the country still has more than 70 million rural poor, all by 2020 the goal of poverty eradication, reduction of more than 10 million people living in poverty each year.   Winning the poverty battle, ensure that all the poor people out of poverty, and poor counties pick hat, was moderately well-off society's most daunting task.

pressed for time, heavy tasks.   Financial system to find the focal point of poverty relief and development work in the new period, industry support and drive poor combination of poverty, regional development and the precise combination of poverty, both insist on accurate support and benefits service, insist on coordination of financial policies and pro-poor policies, innovation and risk prevention of development simultaneously, increase the financial poverty alleviation efforts, winning the poverty battle.

increase the financial poverty alleviation efforts, winning the poverty battle, regional development and poverty alleviation must be combined, accurate docking of poverty alleviation and development financing needs. Poverty relief and development work in the new era, must carry out precise, accurate basic strategy for poverty eradication for poverty alleviation, accurate flood irrigation to drip irrigation, "blood transfusion" for "blood", adhere to industry-leading, adhere to the principle of development-oriented poverty reduction.

financial systems to pinpoint the financial poverty point and point both accurate docking characteristic industries, employment education financial needs of poor people, enhancing poor self-development capacity and coordinate regional economic and social development, regional development and industrial to the alleviation of poverty of convergence, driven by the regional development of poverty alleviation and development, poverty alleviation and development for regional development.



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