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Foreign trade "go" gave birth to new life

"double flat" trend continues

downward pressure is not reduced


data show that in November, China exported 1.25 trillion yuan, down 3.7%; imported 910 billion yuan, down 5.6%, "double flat" trend continues, reflecting pressure on the grim situation faced by China's foreign trade in.

from an export perspective, in November China's exports still were flat, continuing a slowdown of the "new normal".   In the eyes of Liu shijin, an economist, China's export growth slowed in recent years, there are effects of weak global growth after the global financial crisis, but mainly along with labor, land, environmental factors such as rising costs and the appreciation of the RMB exchange rate, exports become less competitive.

from the import side, "domestic demand" is considered to affect the recovery of the import restrictions. "This could be from the first 11 months of coal, steel and other imports have been confirmed. "The Bank of communications, senior fellow at the Center for financial studies Liu Xuezhi said in an interview, coal, for example, the first 11 months, coal imports is 186 million tons, a decrease of 29.4%, import price 371.5 Yuan per tonne, down by 21.5%.   In addition, with the index of the dollar's recent strength, November further continuation of oscillation in commodity prices fell and imports another important reason to maintain the contraction.   

combination of factors, experts generally agreed that exports and imports continued to moderate downward trend this year, or a foregone conclusion, import and export data is less likely to pick up significantly in the short term.   

China and ASEAN exports to maintain growth in foreign trade situation of the new bright spot

despite the pressure of China's foreign trade still exist, but the read data is not difficult to find, China and ASEAN's exports continued to grow, becoming pressure on foreign trade situation of the new "highlight".

data released by the General Administration of customs showed that ASEAN has become China's third largest trade partner, and ASEAN trade amounted to 2.6 trillion yuan, accounting for 11.8% of the total value of foreign trade in China.   Among them, exports to ASEAN 1.55 trillion yuan, up 3.7% imports from ASEAN 1.05 trillion yuan, down 9.7%; 502.49 billion yuan to ASEAN trade surpluses, expand 50.2%.

in our country and the European Union, Japan and other countries falling export situation, China's export growth was still positive growth with ASEAN, is believed to be in China in November before a major foreign trade data "window".



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