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Price reform is an important part of economic reform

electricity price reform steadily


earlier this year, districts across the province, electricity trading price, and transmission and distribution price reform in Shenzhen and West Inner Mongolia power grid has been extended to five provinces (autonomous regions), mainly in Anhui, Hubei, Ningxia, Yunnan, and Guizhou.   

in addition, from October 1, the mengxi new transmission and distribution price mechanism, which is China's first "permitted cost plus a reasonable profit" principle calculation, can be directly used for independent provincial power grid transmission and distribution of electricity market transaction prices, "let go of two", promoting the generation and sale of electricity market prices created conditions, laid the Foundation.

"at present, Ningxia, Yunnan, Guizhou, power transmission and distribution price pilot project has been approved, utilities cost supervision and examination work is successfully completed.   "Li Pumin said.   

tiered pricing system smoothly

at present, tiered pricing system smoothly, highlighted in the ladder price, price ladder ladder and gas prices.

according to Li Pumin, the current, except for Xinjiang and Tibet, and other provinces have residents stepped pricing system is fully implemented. 29 provinces 321 urban resident water price system has been established.   16 provinces of the 67 city residents ' gas price ladder system has been established.

among them, the natural gas price reform is a priority. The NDRC price Secretary pointed out at the meeting, Xu Kunlin, in the promotion of market-oriented gas price reform, we have not stopped our pace.   This time more international and domestic energy prices, supply and demand easing, which was for many years one of the few, and greatly ease the tight supply situation, provided good opportunities to reform.

"for now are pushing price reforms in key areas, restricted by many factors such as institutional mechanisms, not individual dash. "Xu Kunlin said the price of natural gas, release the proportion had reached 40%. In order to successfully advance the gas market reform, we have established a natural gas trading in Shanghai market Shanghai petroleum trading center, combined with a competitive link gas prices released, guide price liberalisation of the natural gas into the market.

natural gas now full competition has not formed only moderate competition, we will combine the development of relevant parts of the market price, and also has been looking at promoting natural gas price reform, the programme matures will be released.



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