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Central banks in China and Russia sign cooperation memorandum

recently, the people's Bank of China Governor Zhou xiaochuan and Nabi Wu Linna, Governor of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation signed the people's Bank of China and the Russian Federation Central Bank memorandum of understanding on cooperation, actively implement the two heads of State reached important consensus on deepening the bilateral financial cooperation.

people's Bank of China said that, in the development of comprehensive strategic and cooperative partnership in good, under the background of the smooth progress of cooperation in various fields, central banks of the two countries signed a memorandum of Sino-Russian financial cooperation is innovation important progress made and aggressive again.   Sino-Russian Prime Ministers during their 20th regular meeting on December 17 in Beijing to welcome.

it is understood that the signed a memorandum aimed at developing cooperation between the central banks of the two countries in areas of common interest, bilateral currency settlement development; to continue to cooperate in the field of payment and bank card; on the other side for the other facilitate the issuance of local currency-denominated bonds, strengthening cooperation in the field of credit rating. Both sides will continue to make full use of Chinese and Russian Prime Ministers regular meeting Committee Subcommittee on financial cooperation, deepen pragmatic cooperation in these areas to facilitate bilateral trade and investment, promote bilateral trade and economic development, for a new impetus to the economic growth of the two countries.

strong complementarity in Sino-Russian economic cooperation has great potential. The outcome marked the two sides spoke highly of the important progress made in Sino-Russian financial cooperation at the present stage, and to the achievement of full confidence in the long-term vision of mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation.



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