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Inside the PICC started online shop

recently, the PICC property held within the online store on line trial operation starts.   It is understood that the Mall is PICC based on "Internet + sunlight procurement" philosophy to create an open, fair, fair procurement platform.   

in accordance with the "open, just and fair" overall requirements, PICC set up standardized, visualization of the procurement process, procurement process traceability, results can be viewed, auditable, measurable effects can be evaluated, service management requirements, promote procurement supervision for normalization and procurement supervision of staff.   

in terms of technical design, purchased part of the online shop shopping interface is realized and purchasing patterns of self, to enhance the visual experience of the staff of the procurement service; in the approval of procurement, realized the company's existing line and online approval process integration, is conducive to further streamline business links, enhance the efficiency of the overall process.

in process optimization Shang, protection insurance achieved has procurement management right of intensive and procurement operation right of decentralization, promoted has Enterprise procurement mode from single of line Xia procurement to line online Xia double line road change, promoted has suppliers competition from project type competition to orders type competition change, concentrated procurement management from single procurement link management to full process supply chain management change, ease has the company concentrated procurement management on cost save of requirements and internal customer on procurement service efficient shortcut of requirements Zhijian exists of contradictions.


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