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China's foreign trade this year will hand over the 5 beautiful transcript

this year, under the influence of the complicated economic situation at home and abroad, China's foreign trade is facing unprecedented pressure and challenges. "Difficulties not only external difficulties in foreign trade this year, and domestic investment slowdown, factor costs rising, the renminbi and other factors added together. Reflection of the referencing enterprise, foreign trade this year is extremely difficult, and the degree of difficulty to breath.   "Shen Danyang said.

from an international perspective, according to the latest WTO monthly statistical estimates, in January-September of world merchandise trade exports declined by 11.1%, United States 12.8%, 6.2%, EU Japan declined 9.2%, Korea 6.6%, India declined 16.6%, South Africa 7.9%, Brazil fell 16.8%. Domestically, the Ministry of Commerce recently of the 70 key industries, questionnaire survey of more than 6,000 enterprises, enterprises generally reflecting global demand this year than in 2009 when the financial crisis is more optimistic. Under this severe situation, "China's foreign trade development, in General, still very ' to force '.   "Shen Danyang said.

in fact, the five report card can be seen how much of China's foreign trade this year is not easy and wonderful: the first report card is a significant increase in China's share of global export markets. China's exports in the international market share by the end of last year 12.4% to the current 13%.   United States, European Union, Japan, and Korea, and India and other countries are huge decline in exports, while China exports fell the least, only slight decrease in global market share in China has improved.

second report card is pitched to imports and price country and businesses get a big benefit. According to the customs statistics, import and export price indices measure, the first 11 months of this year, China's export prices essentially flat with last year, while import prices overall fell by more than 10%, about the same number of commodities exported in Exchange for 12% more imports, because only crude oil, increased imports of 11 kinds of commodities such as iron ore prices fell, totals about mutual reduction more than 182 billion dollars, equivalent to more than 1.1 trillion yuan. This means not only that countries and people get real benefits also mean lower business costs, conducive to the promotion of business efficiency and competitiveness.



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