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November, monetary and credit, Shanghai run smoothly

recently, this reporter learned from the Central Bank's Shanghai headquarters, November, Shanghai smooth operation of money and credit, the deposits turned up, slight increase in loans, domestic non-financial corporate loans decreased more, personal loans and non-bank financial institutions loans continued to increase.

in late November, Shanghai foreign currency deposits 10.2783 trillion Shi Yuan, an increase of 14.9% increase fell 3.2%; the increase in foreign currency deposits 175.68 billion yuan that month, the chain added 253.32 billion yuan, up 215.86 billion yuan in less. Foreign currency loans totaled 5.2967 trillion yuan, an increase of 10.7% increase fell 1.2%; month foreign currency loans increased by 160 million Yuan, from the increase of 14.68 billion yuan, up 50.46 billion yuan in less.

new loans mainly to the tertiary industry, and small businesses. Real estate development loans continued to decline in November, and foreign currency loans decreased by 9.84 billion yuan in real estate development in the city, compared with reduction of 16.39 billion yuan.



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