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Consideration on difference of County Branch of people's Bank duties

in recent years, based on the challenges facing County Branch of people's Bank duties, in accordance with the "one plan" idea, orderly County Branch differential duty has achieved a broad consensus.   However, due to the lack of sustained policy support and coordinated, County Branch of people's Bank duties the implementation effect of difference needs to be strengthened.

County Branch duty boundary should take into account the people's Bank of overall objectives and local party and Government financial claims. Generally speaking, Center branch of County Branch duty performance appraisal, pay attention to the combined capital of branches and branch examination objectives, may easily lead to boundary County Branch functions is too broad and is not prominent, duty goals and capabilities do not match.

also, as a Government Department and macro financial policy Department, people's bank undertakes the responsibility to promote economic development. Vertical while people's Bank management will help maintain the independence of their duties, however, in implementing monetary policy, financial stability and organization in the course of providing financial services, County Branch requires party and Government support, but also help to promote County Branch of financial influence.   Local party County Branch of people's Bank's financial requirements to support local economic development, will expand its duty borders.

County Branch differential duties need to be addressed better serve banks ' overall goals and the promotion of the relations between County economic development.   Combining the characteristics of County economy and finance, in the discharge of core functions of the branch of the County at the same time, should as far as possible meet the reasonable financial demands of local party and Government, which helps reduce the difficulty of County Branch of their duties, but also help to promote County Branch in the local party's status and credibility.

Head Office of County sub-branch differentiation on duty is the key to top design with branch lines detailed implementation. Due to the County's economic and financial development, development pattern and the development effectiveness of different County Branch focus and key duties are not the same. For example, for economically developed counties, needs to pay more attention to improve the financing structure, preventing financial risks; for poor counties, needs to pay more attention to improving financial services, the development of inclusive financial.

operation, County Branch top design difference of duties should be made by the head office, branches and provincial capitals and manpower deployment, decomposition of refinement in the city and County Branch implementation. Differentiation standard-setting is an important prerequisite for effective implementation, combined with the current economic and financial development in the County and the County Branch human resources, but should also take into account future economic and financial reform and development objectives.

Meanwhile, County Branch practice should be encouraged to identify key and breach of duty, for their size, awareness of the advantages and disadvantages of an objective and sober judgment to the full, balanced, creating the Bank feature works, highlights and other brand works, and to give impetus to the overall duty ability and level.



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